Gil’ead Adventures

We are in the 6th age of Gil’ead. The people are filled with love, and joy. Today most people live a care free life. They take there gods, and safety for granted. They often become easily offended, but are not capable of standing up for any one idea. The 5th age was filled with destruction, as God’s for the first time in this land had to intervene in a demon uprising. This was a disturbing act that shook the races of Gil’ead to their core. Everyone had heard the stories, and most had a faith in a god. However the day that Pelor came to Gil’ead, and erupted in a light so bright It scorched the land south of the mountain. Will forever shape this world. With the Council of 8 uniting in the aftermath of these events.

It has been 125 years since that day. Tensions are high in many political situations. But, at this time Gil’ead is a land without political conflict.


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