Journal Entry 2 Balasar

(All Written in Draconic)
Gilead Journal Entry 2

Well it seems like that the group did not go through my stuff. Especially this journal however I know for a fact that in there current state that they can’t read it. I would like to keep it like that for now they don’t need to know everything about me yet.
My mind feels clouded all that information I was given to me is still comes up constantly. Those visions that I was given just add onto my fear of Tiamat that will come and scorch this land. I must remain calm. For if I were to panic the rest of the group would start to ask too many questions. Then one of my secrets might slip. That would not be good for all us.
The Order of the Gauntlet is a strange bunch. They can’t be trusted just yet. And that Damned leader who dares question the words of Bahamut. He thinks that I am going to be his useful servant but that will never be the case. I only join up with now because the ending of the Tiamat must be dealt with as soon as possible. I feel that the feeling of distrust is mutual. I feel that he is going to send out a group to follow us and a group to search for the cleric that I told about. I guess I’ll keep on the lookout for his men.
Thinking back to what Bahamut told me about a taint inside of me. I don’t feel any different after leaving the ruins in the Storm Horns. I wonder what had happened. I didn’t get hit or fought anything when I was in that cave. It was empty and the only thing left was the story of the “Lightning Warrior” inscribed on the wall in an old draconic dialect. I trust the judgment of the Dragon King. If there is a taint inside of me then I must find a way to control it but, I first have out figure out what it is. Maybe when if I find the weapons of the Lightning Warrior that may be able to help out. Speaking of which I hope Leosin can find something about the Lightning weapons in his search. I don’t want to tell the others just yet. No need to add another thing to be out looking for just yet.
I need time to think this over more. Well in the morning we are heading out to follow those dragon cultist. I better keep my new javelin wrapped up just so they won’t notice. Maybe put on a cloak just for good measure. I’ll decide when we leave. At least I will have a little time to think.

Journal Entry Balazar

(All of this is written in Draconic)
Entry 1
The more I think about the situation the more I fear for the worst. In the short time that I have been in this new world I have had my one of my worst fears come true. The resurrection of Tiamat would be the worst catastrophe this world would have ever seen. I think back to that time just about 3 years ago when I visited the Storm Horns, a very brutal mountain range. I can still feel the cold, unforgiving weather that in gulfed them. Then that cave, a beckon of warmth in that frozen hell. I remember well the desperation to seek shelter in that cave. While being a nice warm welcome for the weather it brought me one great gift and an eternal doom.
The lights from torch flickering as move towards the back of the cave. To my shock I found a ruins of memorial celebrating a warrior from long ago. The old scratches from the masonry tool still marking the walls. To my surprise the writing was in draconic, a very old dialect of draconic but still readable. On the walls of the ruins told the story of warrior of great power. Master of lighting they said a great “lightning warrior” who fought for the Bahamut in a war long ago. I thought to myself " What war what is it talking about there hasn’t been a dragon war since the splitting of IO. Well it turns out I was mistaken it talked of two sides, The Good Dragons vs. The Evil Dragons, fighting in war that devastated Faerun, To my surprise the deserts north of the Storm Horns was once a lushes valley that had an ancient civilization living there. The story told of the Dragons fighting brutally over that civilization. Many of the Race that lived in the world took sides and escalated it into a war that engulfed Faerun into darkness. It described countless slaughter that took place. Women, Children, the old, and the weak none of them were spared from the brutality. Then that Lighting Warrior tale commences. It talks of him fighting for justice along with the Good Dragons. Wielding weapons that was grant him by Bahamut and the Elder of the Bronze Dragons. He was described as an auditee for he was a chromatic blue dragonborn fighting along with metallic dragons. I guess it did not matter for the way the story describes him as a invincible hero.Fighting dragons with his gifted sword and shield. As I was reading them I felt amazed by the things that this lone dragonborn did. His sense of justice and valor inspired me to get out of the rut my current life had me in. It changed me, I was driven to become like this lighting warrior. So I set out with my new sense of purpose to find the lost weapons of the “Lightning Warrior” to continue that old forgotten legacy of justice and valor.
I still wish to seek those out those weapons, but my current situation is preventing me from searching. Unless they are on the way to getting out of this new world or stopping the Dragon Cultist I must hold off in my ambition. If what the dragon cultist say is true then we have a lot more to worry about. In the previous Dragon war Tiamat never made it to this plane of existence. If she does I fear the worst for this world. I will hold this off on telling the group about this. They don’t need to know the horrors of the Dragon Queen just yet. Speaking of which this group is full of interesting people… Let see there is the one called Draxta. Hotheaded sorcerer with an sarcastic tone that has almost lead us into multiple bad situations. However, he is tolerable because he is got at what he does mostly. Then there Daisy. An archer who acts naïve and has no understanding of how a situation will play out for the worst. I question her sharpshooting at times but, I can deal with it for the most part. Finally, Aaron now I don’t always agree with him, I can understand that there well thought out reason for most of his actions. I feel that I can trust him. I am glad to have someone sane and honorable in this group. They may not be perfect but we must stick together to get through this strange time. Who knows these humans might grow on me.
-Balazar Drachedandion

Aaron Borsen
1st Journal Entry

On the evening of Victory I could not sleep, I felt uneasy with how we got here. My teacher told me the weakness in most great warriors is there shortness in imagination. One must keep an open mind or one could get loss in ones mind. As young as I am I’ve seen enough to know the creators have little time to just play with one pawn.

I decided to go for a walk and pitch black darkness. Didn’t take long to I had a woman that approached me and thanked me for saving her and her Village. I had to ask her if she knew of where I came from or how I might’ve got here she said no. I then proceeded to ask her if she might know where or who I could ask. She laughed at me and told me to go ask the children. I shrugged it off but it still good to know that after the terrible tragedy she just endure if she still has a sense of humor. I didn’t decide to continue on my little walk in the night. I just found myself on your side of town where I heard someone crying behind a tree, it was a little girl who lost her father. She was very scared and try to talk to her. After a short conversation she came up to me and give me a hug and said thank you. She said someone had sent us here to save them. She doesn’t care who it was she’s thankful that they did. She then told me about a rock that bared a similar mark to the one I had on my cape. She told me I had to go on the woods on the west side of town until less found a small beaten path. She told me that she one time got brought there by other kids in the village. She told me that not many people in the village even knew about this she had to promise to keep it a secret. She said she couldn’t tell me what I would find on the path because she couldn’t explain herself. I decided to go see what I can find the path if I found anything that could be concerning or I thought rodent I would tell my group of companions. I found the woods to the path not too much farther down the path came across some remains. I could not tell what it was because I am unfamiliar of most the creatures here. But from what I could tell it does not seem like most of it is here. They have been here for sometime but yet also undisturbed. I continue down the path and not too much further I came to an opening. I began to look around see if I can find anything of the rock that she spoke of. All I could fine we’re the same bones I found earlier on the path I begin to wonder if these bones were here for a reason, a ritual. It’s very scary but such asked for perform so close to town. The person could very much be living in town. I’ll have to be careful on who I tell because this could bring much trouble to the town. I continue to look for the rock. I was unable to come across such a rock or any other relic that I could recognize. No symbols on what or who could’ve been here before I. I begin to wonder on how such an opening was developed in the woods without cutting any trees down. And if such brush was burnt down the town would have clearly noticed. Could’ve taken a great Mage to have done this. I decided to continue into the woods. Lucky for me the woods when all that pic was pretty easy to walk through. I came across some footprints. The footprints look like the creatures we been dealing with. This could have been one way these guys got to the village without anybody seeing them. There wasn’t a ton but enough to be concerned about. I followed the tracks to see where they came from before I knew it I was in Very Thickwoods. I was able to track through with the creatures came from, I then came to a creator in the ground. Also where the tracks ended. I wondered what could have created such a crater. Could have been a large dragon, or something else that fell from the sky. There was no more trail to follow I was also about to get light. So I decided to start heading back. On my way back I began to hear that I was not alone in the woods. I try to sit is still as I could but yet moved toward the noise. As I got closer it seem to be a man in a dark hood. He spoke in a language I could not understand he did it loudly, and threatening to me. I gripped my hammer and As I was ready to be attacked. I began to feel a huge breeze, The man began to move his hand I couldn’t help but recognize the relic in his hand it must have been that Rock the little girl told me about. I knew I had to find out who this guy was and what he was doing here and what this rock was. It became very dark so dark that I could not see the man any longer. Touched my shield and even a bright light hoping to find the man of the darkness. He was gone. On my way back I also found all the bones were missing. I hurry up back trying to think to myself who would believe me maybe Daisy.

Aaron Borsen

What Happened?

There they were standing triumphantly over the body of a bug bear thief. When all of a sudden the world went black, it almost felt like there was a vacuum of sound and light. Weird voices were heard talki… arguing over something. Next thing our adventures know is they are stand in an open dark field….staring at a town on fire….they are lost, and confused….what will they do next.


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