Aaron Borsen


When I was a young boy, Brett Borson, my father, taught me to always listen to my heart. “The heart will always guide you down the just path.” At the young age of three, my father introduced me to my mentor Nabu. Now, Nabu was a very large giant with wisdom, and a divine power that even my father admired. My father had recruited Nabu specifically for the job of guiding me in combat and knowledge. When I became a young man, at the age of sixteen, my father had Nabu design a trial for me. The trials assigned to me will forever be engrained in my head. The challenges were difficult, but I am convinced that my gods saw me through those trials.

Upon completion of the trial, it is custom within our family to be given an artifact of great power. See, my brother- Jordy, upon completion of his trial 5 years ago, was gifted a great hammer called Skyvren. We called her Sky for short. My brother has never been willing to tell me why, but around a year before my trials, he requested that my father retain Sky for my use when I was ready. All before my trials, and even after, Jordy was very specific in his training of me. Even Nabu noticed the time that Jordy was putting into my training. He really wanted me to be able to wield this weapon masterfully. He used to tell me, “The Sky is the limit, while wielding Skyvren,” which is why we now refer to her as Sky.

My other prized possession in life was Hemitran. Hemi was a beautiful horse with a Dark black mane, and charcoal coat. She was the only dodge stallion that was ever bred (to my knowledge). When we were younger we would specifically seek out fordrilan stallions to have competitions of strength and speed. No other steed came close to the power, and speed of my Hemi.

My half brother Verde was a misguided man. He fell into the dark arts, and spent a lot of time researching his demon blood ancestry. My father should never have brought him into our family…On the darkest day of my life I discovered my brother mid ritual…He had stolen my best friend from me…He deserved to die….He believed that by sacrificing Hemi, he would be able to obtain the majestical power that made him so great….upon seeing Hemi, laying there motionless in his own blood I flew into a rage. Verde was within inches of his life being ended. Luckily for him (and myself) my father came charging into the room. He erupted into the room with lightning bolt like energy, and slammed me off of my brother. My father was disappointed in my lack of composure in the situation. He felt that my brothers life was more valuable than my prized steed. For my reaction Sky was ripped from my hands, and cast away from me. On this day, I lost my two prized possessions. Nabu assures me that there will be a day where I will be reunited with Sky.

Shortly after these events, my father decided it was time I proved I could live up to his name. He heard that an artifact of Kord, an ancient text, was taken by Ginu, a powerful Orc warlock. Jordy, Verde, and myself went out to track down Ginu. It took time, and it was not the easiest task. I did learn to trust Verde again, though. When we did track Ginu to his lair our father, and our armies joined us. The battle raged for multiple weeks. Ginu had a smaller army than us, however, he apparently had the power to bring them back from the dead. This gave Ginu an endless supply of troops. It was disturbing, and Ginu was not known for having these powers until now. It is believed he may have made a pact with a demon of great strength. My father attempted to handle the situation via negotiation after the first couple weeks. Ginu was inclined to the idea, but was only willing to make a trade for our brother Verde. This confused Jordy and me greatly. Verde for the most part had not left our keep, and spent most of his time in his books. Not very many people knew of his existence. My father declined the deal, the battle raged on for another week. We were then able to defeat Ginu’s army, and obtained the Ancient Artifact, however Ginu was able to escape when we stormed his lair.

Upon returning home, Nabu took immediate counsel with our father. He informed Brett that a relic of Bahamut, a sort of Rune stone had been stolen. It was going to be used to create a portal from the material plane to the depths of Hell. Now my father was a follower of Kord, however, he did recognize that having Bahamut in our favor was not a bad thing. Nabu was a follower of Bahamut, and would often tell us of his great accomplishments. My father had Jordy, and myself join Nabu to search for the rune stone. We went to the Lake of Steam, we ran into some light Orc resistance along the way. Nabu decided to show off Jordy, and I did very little fighting. Nabu was quite a capable fighter, and was able to dispatch of these situations single handedly.

On the west side of the lake we discovered a cave that led deep into the Alamic Mountains. The entrance was covered in magic glyphs, and Nabu described as dark magic. Nabu made a signal for reinforcements, and had us camp out until they could get to us. We were ambushed on our first night outside the cave. It was a small scout team, of some weird dark creatures I have never seen before. Nabu kept one of them alive, unable to communicate with it, we wanted to kill it. However, Nabu told Jordy and me that if we entered the cave with this beast we could avoid the curse, from those glyphs. As always, Nabu was right; we entered the cave and slit the bastards throat. We wandered through the tunnels, aimlessly for days. That is until we entered this cavern, It was large enough to hold an entire castle. We could see at the end of a hall a Giant warlock, He screamed, and a hundred of goblins poured in around us. We fought our way to the warlock, and killed every last goblin. We captured this warlock, and decided to question him about the rune stone which we assumed he had. He was unwilling to cooperate; all we ever got out of him was his name…Cam. All of a sudden, a light was put out in the cavern, and a voice could be heard “You will not stop the rise of Orcus” The three of us put our backs together and we all cast light as one. We couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of us, but Cam was gone. We were able to find our way out, and immediately returned to my fathers keep. All details were explained to my father, and none of us are able to come to a conclusion on what really happened that day.

As of today, I have decided to step away from my families keep, and travel the world in search of myself, and Sky. I have many questions about my last few encounters, and I need to discover answers. Nabu emblazons a symbol of Bahamut on my shield for my journey, and wished me well. Jordy wanted to join me with all his heart, but my father needed one of us at his side during these times. My father took his last few moments with me to remind me that only a true protector of the people would be worthy to hold Sky again. Verde and I did not embrace on my exit of the keep, but a glance and nod of respect was exchanged amongst us. More than I really should have expected, honestly. On my way out the gate, I turn over my shoulder to take one last glance at home. I am unsure of the next time I will glance upon the beauty of SkyForge, as I take one last moment to respect what my father has built.

Aaron Borsen

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