Balasar Drachedandion



Born into the Drachedandion Tribe, which is moderately sized clan of Chromatic Blue Dragonborn in the forests of Faerun. Balasar grew up in a fairly average tribe among the Dragonborn. As tradition among the Dragonborn at the age of 3 Balasar’s parents split up and Balasar was taken in by his father Ghesh who was a wizard during his time as an adventurer. At a very young age Balasar was in awe of the magic talents of his father. However, when Balasar tried to learn magic he struggled to at best cast a little sparks from his hands. Balasar knew that he would never be great at magic but, still tried and was able to learn some basic spells. While Balasar learned about honor and how to be a Dragonborn from his father, he learned how to be a fighter from his master and mentor Kava who saw in Balasar a great fighter from his inborn strength compared to many other Dragonborn. Balasar vigorously trained under her for the rest of his youth becoming a skilled fighter.

Balasar was always interested in Dragons and other draconic beings. He would use any opportunity he had to learn about Dragons from asking his father and any of the tribal elders that knew about Dragons. He was especially interested in learning about the types of Dragons and what they did as Dragons. This hunger for knowledge would lead him to learn about the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut Dragon God of Good. The young Balasar was amazed by the many stories of Bahamut and the Evil Tiamat who Balasar grew to loath. This convinced him to choose Bahamut as the deity that he would follow. Religion among the Dragonborn is normally kept in private. Many of the Dragonborn do not see a reason to favor a god but, to Balasar Bahamut stood for everything a Dragonborn should stand for.

At the age of 15 all Dragonborn in the Drachedandion tribe must go on a pilgrimage to explore the world. This was used to keep up the strength of the clan by killing of the weak and unlucky among them but, also was a time for the Young Dragonborn to show off their strengths and honor. When Balasar was at the age of 15 he was about to set off on his pilgrimage but, at the exit of the village was his father Ghesh and his master Kava. Kava told Balasar to “fight strong and well remember not only your honor is at stake but also the clan’s honor.” Balasar nodded to his mentor and then his father Ghesh walked up to him and put his right hand on Balasar’s left shoulder. He then told Balasar “remember to use your head only an idiot would looks at a situation from one angle, think before you act.” Then both Kava and Ghesh walked away. However, at the gate of the village Ghesh stop and turned around and spoke “One last thing Balasar, remember the stories of the old ones. They will help you guide your path.” Balasar did not know it at this time that this would be the greatest advice he would ever receive.

The “Lightning Warrior”

It has been several years since Balasar left his home. He has made it as a small time adventurer going into dungeons, killing bandits, and dealing with pests. He never had any real challenge placed against him during this time. Which lead him to grow tiresome of the lack of action of a minor adventuring and sought to explore the mountains of Faerun. This brought him to exploring the mountains of The Storm Horns. These mountains were his first real struggle of his journey. Through tattering storms and extreme environments he almost died traversing The Storm Horns. Right before he gave up hope Balasar found a cave. When he went to explore this cave he realized that it was a ruin devoted to a warrior. As the story was all written in Draconic so Balasar was immediately interested.

The story told the tale of a warrior who traveled these lands hundreds of years ago. This warrior was described as a Chromatic Blue Dragonborn who was surrounded by lightning. The inscription did not give this Dragonborn’s name but constantly referred to him as the “Lightning Warrior.” The story told of a massive war between The Good Bahamut and The Evil Tiamat. The “Lightning Warrior” was warrior fighting for Bahamut and the Good Dragons. Balasar remembers when he was younger hearing a story about this war from his clan elders, from what he remembers his clan fought on the side of Bahamut. The conflict is depicted as brutal and bloody war. All the races that had Draconic heritage were fighting. No one was able to be neutral in this war it effected them all. Along with then on both sides the other sentient races chooses sides as well. The damage described in the inscription tells that the landscape of Faerun was changed forever. The desert wasteland north of these mountains was described as a lush plain before the war. The war scorched the land badly enough to make the plains permanently into a desert.

The inscription goes onto explaining the heroics of this “Lightning Warrior” in battle. One tale being how this warrior single handedly killed a Black Dragon. Now it goes on to talk about the weapons of the “Lightning Warrior.” The weapons were forged by a collaboration of the power of Bahamut and The elder of the Bronze Dragons. This created a set of lightning weapons. The first being the Shield of the Bronze Dragon, which was a bronze shield with a sapphire gem in the center. When the “Lightning Warrior” was attacked by magic and breathe weapons they were transformed into lightning, surrounding him, in which then it would be shot directly into the “Lightning Warrior”. This would then make the center gem of the shield start to glow. The other weapon was The Sword of Pure Lightning. This was fairly standard looking blade that lightning bolts engraved into the blade of the sword. It told whenever the sword would hit a target the target would feel like it was being hit a blade of steel and lightning. Following this the inscription said that when the gem in the shield was glowing its brightest the “Lightning Warrior” would hit with his sword and it would release a wave of lightning from the shield shocking all those in front of it.

The story ends telling that the war was ended in a stalemate because, both sides had lost so many in the fighting. After the war the “Lightning Warrior” was never heard of again and his weapons were missing never to be found. Pondering on this story Balasar was in awe of such power that this “Lightning Warrior” that he wanted to become this warrior. So set off from this cave looking for the lost weapons of the “Lightning Warrior.” Honing his skill in lightning magic and fighting till one day he could become the next great “Lightning Warrior.” So Balasar left the ruins motivated to start this grand adventure.

Balasar Drachedandion

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