Journal Entry 2 Balasar

(All Written in Draconic)
Gilead Journal Entry 2

Well it seems like that the group did not go through my stuff. Especially this journal however I know for a fact that in there current state that they can’t read it. I would like to keep it like that for now they don’t need to know everything about me yet.
My mind feels clouded all that information I was given to me is still comes up constantly. Those visions that I was given just add onto my fear of Tiamat that will come and scorch this land. I must remain calm. For if I were to panic the rest of the group would start to ask too many questions. Then one of my secrets might slip. That would not be good for all us.
The Order of the Gauntlet is a strange bunch. They can’t be trusted just yet. And that Damned leader who dares question the words of Bahamut. He thinks that I am going to be his useful servant but that will never be the case. I only join up with now because the ending of the Tiamat must be dealt with as soon as possible. I feel that the feeling of distrust is mutual. I feel that he is going to send out a group to follow us and a group to search for the cleric that I told about. I guess I’ll keep on the lookout for his men.
Thinking back to what Bahamut told me about a taint inside of me. I don’t feel any different after leaving the ruins in the Storm Horns. I wonder what had happened. I didn’t get hit or fought anything when I was in that cave. It was empty and the only thing left was the story of the “Lightning Warrior” inscribed on the wall in an old draconic dialect. I trust the judgment of the Dragon King. If there is a taint inside of me then I must find a way to control it but, I first have out figure out what it is. Maybe when if I find the weapons of the Lightning Warrior that may be able to help out. Speaking of which I hope Leosin can find something about the Lightning weapons in his search. I don’t want to tell the others just yet. No need to add another thing to be out looking for just yet.
I need time to think this over more. Well in the morning we are heading out to follow those dragon cultist. I better keep my new javelin wrapped up just so they won’t notice. Maybe put on a cloak just for good measure. I’ll decide when we leave. At least I will have a little time to think.



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